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Eye Love Care Inc is committed to bringing excellent Eye Care to Veterans, Students, and low-income families. We pride ourselves in providing premium glasses at affordable prices!
Eye Love Care Inc is committed to bringing excellent Eye Care to Veterans, Medicaid patients, and low-income families. We pride ourselves in providing Free glasses
Reading Glasses & Computer Glasses

What’s the Difference Between Reading Glasses & Computer Glasses?

Keegan Meyer Monday June 21, 2021

Reading glasses and computer glasses are two types of eyewear options for individuals who spend considerable amounts of time using their computers or devices and want to prevent or minimize eye strain and other vision problems that blue light may cause. Although both types of eyewear help prevent strain, their exact features and usages are considerably different.

What are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses enlarge the words on a page but provide little to no protection against blue light, which is emitted through the computer when you stare at the screen. They’re sold over-the-counter at pharmacies and other outlets, but sometimes available through prescription, particularly for patients with vision concerns such as astigmatism. 

Non-prescription reading glasses cost very little money, making them an affordable option for people seeking eye protection but who cannot afford the cost of computer glasses or other eye protection products. Some reading glasses sell for as little as $10 per pair at local pharmacies.

Add anti-reflective coating to reading glasses for minimal protection against computer screen glare, headaches, and dry eyes. Costs to add an anti-reflective coating to a pair of reading glasses vary.

Reading glasses benefit book and print readers better than computer glasses.

What are Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses also called blue light glasses, use a special coating on the lens that blocks blue light from your computer or digital device screen.  Obtain computer glasses without a prescription, the same as you would a pair of reading glasses.

Computer glasses are specially designed for individuals who spend long amounts of time using their computers or digital devices. The glasses do not enlarge words, making them impractical for print readers.

Which Type of Glasses is Best for Your Needs?

If you read printed material most often, a pair of good-quality reading glasses help prevent eye strain, dry eye, and other optical concerns. People who browse the web and stare at digital devices most often benefit most with computer glasses. 

What if you read print and spend considerable amounts of time on the computer? Do you have eye health concerns? Want more information about the benefits of reading glasses or computer glasses? Do not hesitate to talk to your eye care provider for more information and answers to these and all your questions.