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Eye Love Care Inc is committed to bringing excellent Eye Care to Veterans, Students, and low-income families. We pride ourselves in providing premium glasses at affordable prices!
Eye Love Care Inc is committed to bringing excellent Eye Care to Veterans, Medicaid patients, and low-income families. We pride ourselves in providing Free glasses


eye drops

Are eye drops safe for kids?

If your child is struggling with dry eyes, you might wonder if eye drops are a safe and effective solution. Many adults use over-the-counter drops daily without problems. Is this a good approach to pediatric eye health, too? The answer...

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eyes water

Why do eyes water?

Watery eyes are a common ailment with a variety of causes. These range from the mundane to the more concerning, and it is important to pay close attention to your symptoms as well as the potential triggers of the condition...

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Pink Eye

How do you get Pink Eye?

Many individuals experience minor eye conditions that, if not treated, can lead to serious complications. The most common of these is conjunctivitis (pink eye). Inflammation in the conjunctiva – the clear tissue that protects the whites of our eyes –...

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Free eye exam and glasses programs near me!

Eye and vision health is important, but they are not always affordable. This is especially true when you already live on a budget and have little extra money to spare. Many people consider regular eye care a luxury they cannot...

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Does Medicaid Cover Glasses?

Good eye and vision health are vital for a healthy life, but sometimes the expense that comes along with caring for your eyesight can be prohibitive. This is especially true if any issues are discovered that require treatment to fix...

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Down syndrome

Down Syndrome and Eyes

Down syndrome is a condition that occurs when a third copy of chromosome 21 is generated while in the womb. This leads to certain physical changes that can impact the way an individual with the syndrome thinks, looks, and behaves....

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Sunglasses For Sports

What Are The Best Sunglasses For Sports?

Competitive athletes are always searching for a way to stand out from the crowd. This is easier said than done. When you pay close attention to your diet and exercise regimens, what else is there to consider to boost performance?...

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What Are Important Vitamins To Take For Your Eyes?

Eye health is a vital aspect of a healthy and happy life. And while a well-balanced diet is generally enough to keep your eyes in good shape, sometimes we can use a little extra help. Vitamins can help bridge the...

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color blind

Am I Color Blind?

Do you have trouble distinguishing between specific colors, especially red and green? Do you often find that the colors you see are different from what everyone else seems to describe? If so, you might be color blind. Color blindness is...

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Eating Carrots

Will Eating Carrots Improve My Vision?

During WWII, as the Battle of Britain raged in the skies above England, the UK Ministry of Food released a propaganda campaign detailing the reasons behind the success the British pilots were having finding and shooting down German aircraft in...

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